Building technology, building management, and caretaker services from a single source.

The KÖBERL Group – we are 125 years of expertise, experience, reliability, and innovation in building technology, building management, and caretaker services. We offer them all from a single source. Everything revolves around your property at KÖBERL – care, technology, support, and management – throughout the entire life cycle of your property. Our services increase and retain the value of your buildings and facilities. That is why we work torward these aims in our group. Our companies Fink Gebäudetechnik, GEMA Gebäudemanagement, SGM Süddeutsche Gebäudemanagement, and 089 Immobilienmanagement cooperate in the KÖBERL Group as independent experts working together flexibly on a project basis for customers on contracts. Our cooperation provides you all services in building technology, building management, and caretaker service the qualified, expert, and reliable way from a single source – when you need them, how you need them. For your convenience, you have only one point of contact, but an entire team of experts stands tall at every level to serve you.

You take care of your core business. We take care of your property.

With the KÖBERL Group, you can concentrate with full peace of mind on your core business as we take on equipping your property with technology as your service provider, supporting you throughout the entire life cycle of your property. In long-term partnerships, we and our 600 employees take care of the building technology, building management, building cleaning, property maintenance, and security of your property. Throughout Germany, with a focus on southern Germany, we support you with a wide range of services from one source. You can always expect the best from us. Quality, a focus on our customer, and reliability are the values on which we build our business relationships.

Our services for your property

Our services for you:

  • Professional, custom-tailored planning and solutions
  • Fixed, highly-qualified contact on staff
  • Legal knowledge and compliance (e.g. at customs, occupational safety, etc.)
  • Custom-tailored support models for property
  • Services delivered by a highly trained team
  • Cost-effective services
  • Structure of a mid-sized company with a strong focus on processes
  • Flexibility plus speed in how we plan and work
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Quality, reliability, and a commitment to meeting deadlines

You reap the benefits:

  • Personal support throughout the entire project
  • Professional, holistic service
  • Extended professional expertise in the Group network
  • Rapid response times
  • Digitised processes
  • Planning reliability
  • Quality from a network of partners with the same standards of performance
  • Sustainable and future-orientated solutions
  • All services from a single source

More about our services for you:

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Sustainable building management

There is great potential for reducing carbon dioxide emissions when buildings are modernised. With our services in building technology and building management, we help our customers to reduce energy consumption in their buildings and increase sustainability.

Become a partner of the KÖBERL Group

The expert network of the KÖBERL Group is an association of experienced companies engaged in the operational and strategic management of buildings. We bring all services in building technology and in technical, infrastructural, and commercial building management together under one roof. Owing to our expanded service portfolio, we can speak of a sustainable life cycle approach.