Expert network for building technology, building management, and caretaker services.

We are a group of companies that has been growing together for 125 years. Starting as a down-to-earth handyman’s business, we grew by founding and merging with companies specialised in the various sectors of building technology, building management, and caretaker services. Then we expanded to offer a wide range of services. Our foundation remains competence and experience. We work within the Group with experts in building technology, building management and caretaker services, offering advice and support to companies and institutions with large inventories of residential and commercial properties. The employees of our mostly owner-managed mid-sized companies are professional experts in their segment. They display high levels of commitment and dedication from executive management to team members working on the premises.

One contact, many services.

With their expertise in each respective domain, our companies Fink Gebäudetechnik, GEMA Gebäudemanagement, SGM Süddeutsche Gebäudemanagement, and 089 Immobilienmanagement offer you a wide range of services for managing and developing your property. You receive a single point of contact at the KÖBERL Group, who plans, advises, and coordinates for you. Projects across our Group and ongoing work are thus delivered safely, sustainably and reliably. You can rely on the personal support and advice from your contact person, while at the same time benefiting from the smooth cooperation between our companies within the Group.

Our management

Armin Köberl
Executive Management

Karl Köberl
Executive Management

The chief partner of the KÖBERL Group is GIMV. GIMV is a European investment company with nearly 40 years of experience as a holding company. You’ll find additional information at