Become part of our expert network!

The expert network of the KÖBERL Group is an association of experienced companies engaged in the operational and strategic management of buildings. We bring all services in building technology and in technical, infrastructural, and commercial building management together under one roof. For our partner companies, our holistic service offerings result in a broader and more interesting promise of performance for customers and new customers in the residential real estate, commercial real estate, and industrial property sectors. Owing to our expanded service portfolio, we can speak of a sustainable life cycle approach for all our brands.

Our partner companies act within the network as brands of the KÖBERL Group. In the operative business, they work independently and autonomously in their own name, and with their own reputation and corporate identity, which is known by and established with their respective customers. The potential for synergy becomes visible in the group, in which each and every company retains its independence. In projects, everyone works individually or together, depending on the requirements. This is because the success of each individual is the success of the group, and vice versa. Growing together takes us all further.

Enjoy the many benefits as a partner in our expert network:

  • Transferring, exchanging, and building up knowledge

  • Expanded offerings for customer satisfaction and acquisition

  • Greater reach in recruiting staff

  • Great synergy potential for both offerings and processes

  • Workflow and administration relief

  • Greater opportunities for large projects

  • More efficient procedures and processes

  • Independence with the association as a back-up

  • Support in business development and succession planning