Sustainable life cycle property management.

Using life cycle property management, we help you gain an overview and control over the processes that are necessary in the particular phase your property is in. This is especially important with regard to the sustainability of your building. Nowadays, new buildings have to be planned for the future and existing buildings have to be optimised for the long term. This is because energy efficiency, sustainability in operation, and structural and technical flexibility are decisive success factors for a building which is profitable in the long term. The sustainability aspects apply along the entire life cycle of your property.

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Our life cycle property management shows you which sustainability aspects in the life cycle should be planned, decided, implemented, or optimized when, how, and by whom. This is because it is precisely the interfaces between the life cycle phases of your building that are decisive for achieving your planning goals. Our property management life cycle services create the organizational and technical basis for successful transitions between the individual phases, from planning and construction to the operation of your property.

Life cycle property management to implement your ESG.

Eighty percent of the costs of a property arise in the use phase of the life cycle. Applying our life cycle property management measures, we generate a high potential for saving energy and more sustainability in operation by maintaining your technical building systems and constructing and optimising efficient building systems. This saves economic and ecological resources and strengthens the sustainability-related aspects and implementation of your ESG (Environmental Social Governance). In our property management life cycle services, we bring together the requirements of legislators, the environment, and users of your property. Based on this knowledge, we work with you to optimise the entire value chain in the life cycle of your property.

Increasing ecological quality:

With concepts and measures to conserve resources and reduce energy consumption, we make and keep your building sustainable and fit for the future. More on sustainability

Increasing economic quality:

Applying long-term strategies, we optimize the life cycle costs, increase and maintain the value of your property, and increase the profitability of the building.

Increasing functional quality:

With sustainable maintenance measures, we guarantee and increase the user-friendliness of your building in terms of health, cosiness, and comfort.

Our life cycle real estate management services provide you:

  • Sustainability tests of your property
  • Developing and implementing optimisation measures
  • Build-up of knowledge and information appropriate to and across life cycle phases
  • Energy-optimised building technology and a healthy indoor climate
  • Digital solutions for the efficient use of your building
  • An increase in and maintenance of the value of your property
  • Planning security through long-term strategies
  • A contact person who sustainably manages the processes, facilities, and information of your property